Journalist Virginia Gil-Suárez, born in the village of Otero, near Villafranca del Bierzo, in the province of León, studied Political Science, the branch of International Relations. She masters French, both spoken and written… She also speaks Portuguese fluently and has a smattering of Russian. Travelling is her passion, and she considers herself to be and inheritor of romantic travellers in the 19th century.

An editor for Radio Nacional -Spain’s National Radio- since 1975. Special correspondent of Radio Nacional de España in the Council of Europe in 1978. In 1979, she began forming part of the team which makes the programme “Centro Español” -Spanish Centre-, directed and dedicated to Spanish migration in Europe. Collaborator in the programme “Documento” -Document- of Radio Exterior de España -Spain’s Foreign Radio- in 1980 and 1981… Parliamentary columnist at the Senate in 1982… Director of the programme “Imágenes” -Pictures-, in the year 1983.

Since 1984, she has been working as an editor specialized in International Politics for Radio Exterior de España’s news service, where she currently holds the post of Assistant Chief of the International Area.

A lover of the Mountains, she directs and presents the programme “La Montaña” -The Mountain- in Radio 5 Todo Noticias. Her lectures are pervaded by rigour and by the assurance acquired through experience. She has also collaborated in several written press publications.